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Shana Levins Staff Photo

University of West Alabama

Master of Education in School Counseling                                  

Graduated: July 2013


University of Mobile                                      

Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education                           

Graduated: December 2008


University of Mobile                                      

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education                           

Graduated: December 2006


Bishop State Community College                 

Associate of Science Degree                                                      

Graduated: August 2002


McGill-Toolen High School

Graduated: May 1997


I have been a teacher with Mobile County Public School System for 9.5 years. I have taught at the following schools:

2007 - Craighead Elementary School-Kindergarten

2007-2008 - Brazier Elementary School-Third Grade

2008-2011 - Ella Grant Elementary School-First Grade

2011-Present - Just 4 Developmental Laboratory-Pre-Kindergarten

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